The development and design of cold stamping die

Stamping die
Stamping die is a kind of special technological equipment that processes metal materials into products in cold stamping processing. It is called cold stamping die, commonly known as cold punching die.
The main characteristics of stamping die are: improve the production capacity of enterprises; ​the quality of manufactured products is stable; ​whether it is the product or the mold, its matching is strong, high interchangeability; ​high utilization rate of mold materials; ​it can be cold stamping and so on.
Because of its wide range of applications, simple operation by the majority of enterprises welcome, has become one of the important metal products industry forming process.
Current situation of the development of
In THE 1960s, Chinese metal stamping part manufacturer parts began to produce precision stamping die. There is a great development in quantity, quality, technology and ability, but compared with the development of Chinese economic needs and the world’s advanced technology level, there is still a great gap.
More and more enterprises have realized the importance of product quality, cost and the development ability of new products.
Mould is one of the basic elements in the whole chain. The level of mould determines the level of product quality and the development ability of new products.
The design requirements
High quality stamping die in the design should meet the following requirements:
1. Mold structure for production services
Convenient production and processing, reducing the use of processing materials, to ensure the quality of mold production and processing are the overall requirements of mold structure. Die should pay attention to its service life, in the need of large quantities of processing products should give priority to the selection of durable cold stamping die materials, and in the design of the reserved design modulus to ensure the service life of die.
2. High production efficiency and high material utilization rate
In the process of product production, enterprises can improve production efficiency by means of one model and many pieces.
3. Mould design should pay attention to safety.​
Cold stamping operation is risky, the safety of the die should be considered in the process of die design. At the same time, paying attention to the safety of the mold is more convenient to use, can reduce the labor intensity of operators, improve production efficiency.
4. Mould parts should also be designed emphatically.​
​The Cold stamping die process covers the production, processing and assembly of die parts. Die fittings should be designed to ensure performance (especially forming parts related to impact parts). Secondly, the cold stamping die should be easy to disassemble, and the connecting parts should be firm and reliable.
5. Mold design should be easy to maintain
In the design of the mold, it is necessary to take appropriate reinforcement measures for the vulnerable parts of the impact parts to extend the service life of the mold; ​and reserve a certain number of wearing parts of the same size, convenient to disassemble and replace the mold at any time, convenient to disassemble and replace the mold at any time, reduce maintenance time, improve efficiency.
6. High quality materials and advanced surface technology
Choosing high quality steel and applying corresponding surface technology can improve the life of the die and give full play to the material properties of the die. The quality of the mold surface has a crucial impact on the appearance and quality of products. Improving the quality of the mold surface is equal to improving the appearance and quality of products.
The development trend
Although China’s die industry has made remarkable development in recent decades, there is still a big gap between it and the industrially developed countries in many aspects. The development of mold technology should serve the products. In addition to the constant “high precision” and “good quality”, the future development trend of the mold will also popularize advanced technology and digital system, as well as improve the degree of mold standardization.

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