IC chip burning procedures for attention and specific steps

IC burning refers to the brush in the IC software (also known as firmware). In general, goods produced in the original factory are not burned, but in essence should have certain codes, which is a necessary process more important than IC testing and is usually done by the final electronics manufacturer. So burning IC chips need to pay attention to what? What are the specific steps?
1, placement of IC must be careful, to avoid damage to the IC and burning seat.
2, IC shall not install reverse, remove the IC must first check whether there is a tin short circuit on the pin, otherwise easy to damage the burning seat.
3, burning personnel must be trained to work, burning shall not move other computer programs.
4. Feedback to the management immediately to solve the adverse phenomena.
The procedure of burning IC chip:
1, first connect the data line of the burning device, and put the corresponding IC seat into the burning seat; Turn on the computer and the burner.
2, run the burning software: double-click the icon Gang-08 with the mouse (different burning seat corresponding to different burning software).
3, select the IC brand: when the program appears and starts the picture, click the Device menu, bring up the IC brand selection table, and then select the corresponding brand to burn IC, and then click OK;
4. Select the IC model: at this time the IC model produced by the IC company will be burned, select the IC model and click Run; At this point, if you want to select a jumper, please follow the computer prompt jumper. After jumping the wire, click OK. If the burning seat without jumper, directly into the burning interface;
5, into the software to burn: click the menu File, select LoadFileTogrommmerbufer, and then select the software to burn, click open, and then select 00, click OK.
6. Check software checksum (bufferChecksum): After the software is transferred to BufferChecksum, a four-digit check code will appear after bufferChecksum, corresponding to the check code notified by the electronic design file, indicating that the software to be burned is correct. If it is not correct, it should be reported to the relevant department immediately.
7. Burning software: click the Program button to load the IC to be burned into the IC seat, and press the burning button on the burning seat after installation. After the burning is complete, OK is displayed if the burning was successful, and the red Error character is displayed if the burning failed. The indicator light of each burning seat corresponding to the burning OKIC is on, indicating that the IC burning is successful.
8. Mark the combustion record, put a sticker on the IC with the OK combustion record, if the combustion record fails, put it back into the other combustion record seat, re-burn the record, determine the IC damage, put it into the defective product box and mark it.

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