Travel abroad WiFi and phone card recommendations

Travel abroad, but what about the Internet or phone? The telecommunication operators in every country are different, so the biggest problem facing overseas tourism is how to select communication and network. At present there are three methods that can solve the problem: with wifi, Pr phone cards, international roaming or outside the exactly which one to choose, Now from several big differences and characteristics in detail, find out which one is better for you!
Overseas wifi & International roaming & Overseas calling card
You can choose according to the form of the trip!
​Package tour
International roaming can be opened, because most tour buses are installed with free wifi, hotels are also, multiple people at the same time will not drop the Internet.
Travel by myself
You can consider portable wifi, self-service play, generally more friends and relatives. Many people use a device, which is convenient and saves money. The most important thing is that you can Google navigation.
Study tour
If you are studying abroad for a long period of time, the first choice is the overseas phone card, which can be purchased and used locally. It is very convenient for daily life and communication.
The biggest advantage of each
With wifi
Suitable for all kinds of people, young women and all ages, can connect to the overseas network, normal use of navigation, high-speed Internet access, support equipment more, mobile phones, tablets, laptops are available, cheap.
International roaming
Do not need to do any preparatory work, directly open international roaming business can, mobile, Unicom, telecom support, call customer service can understand the tariff and usage. No need to take out the domestic phone card, convenient to accept domestic calls and SMS, suitable for telephone business more business people.
Overseas calling card
The coverage area is wide, the network signal is good, can make a phone call, can surf the Internet, can buy domestically, can also buy abroad, practical strong.
The biggest disadvantage of each
With wifi
It needs to carry extra wifi equipment, which needs to be charged, so it also needs mobile power, otherwise it will be out of power in about 5 hours. Generally at the airport rental, also returned at the airport, pick up location is limited, of course, also support mail. Deposits are expensive and equipment must be properly secured.
International roaming
The highest price, beyond a certain amount of data, Internet speed limit, can not use Google Maps, phone/SMS/business opening, credit limit or hundreds of yuan prepaid.
Overseas calling card
Traffic limits, such as 7-day 3G, etc., watching mobile movies or transferring large files has certain limitations. The phone card needs to be activated, and you need to understand English or local language to activate it quickly. When purchasing, you need to see whether it is the dual function of network use and phone use, or whether you can only make phone calls or surf the Internet.
You need to pull out the domestic phone card and insert the overseas card. No matter how many card slots there are, only one card can be inserted. Phone cards may not match the model of your phone. Ask for advice when you buy a phone card.
Price comparison of three
With wifi
About 50 yuan for 7 days. Use only network resources, such as voice calls.
International roaming
About 150 yuan for 7 days. Can directly call, general Asian region, (mobile for example) dial local 0.99 yuan/min, dial domestic 0.99 yuan/min, answer 0.99 yuan/min.
Overseas calling card
About 70 yuan for 7 days. Some overseas phone cards, can not call the Chinese phone, can only call the local phone.
To sum up, individuals need to use different Internet tools. Do not want to recommend, most suitable for the purchase of overseas phone cards, the price is a little cheaper, the use of a little more convenient, more understanding of the local.
Recommended phone card brand
First of all, we need to prepare a WCDMA mobile phone at home.
Buy a Pay as You Go SIM card in advance. Major operators offering Pay as You Go in the UK include: Giffgaff, Lebara, CTExcelbiz, Lyca, Talk Home Mobile.
Recommended use B-Mobile card, Sakura card (Unicom cooperation), Damo card. There are three major mobile operators in the Japanese telecommunications market, namely NTT DoCoMo, KDDI and Vodafone.
The European
In most European countries, cards can only be used in the country. If you travel to many countries, you are advised to buy a roaming card. TIM Card is recommended.
The United States
Ultra, H20, and AT&T Travel Card plans offer unlimited calls both locally and internationally, which is a great value and convenience. This series of packages is very suitable for traveling to the United States, business, childbirth people, which many tourists praise.
Thai operator TruemoveH, strong signal, more traffic. Operator AIS, flow, cheap price.
Precautions for phone card selection
1. Confirm that the mobile phone model can match the mobile phone card category. For example, mobile phones in the United States support the 1900MHZ band, while a small number of mobile phones support 850MHZ, so a mobile phone bought from China, as long as it supports 1900MHZ, can be used in the United States.
2. Choose the package that suits you. Mobile phone card or network card? How much traffic, how many minutes and text messages are sent? A seven-day plan or a one-month plan? These questions can be consulted with the seller.
3. Activate overseas mobile phone cards in advance. Domestic mobile phone cards can be activated within an hour, but overseas mobile phone card activation may take several days. remember to activate the overseas mobile phone card in advance.
4 Indicates the size of the SIM card. The big card slot and the small card slot are different for each mobile phone model. When purchasing a mobile phone card, pay attention to whether the size of the card matches the card slot.
5. In consideration of communication security, it is recommended to use overseas phone cards, single cards, and more secret information.

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