3 thoughts on “What are the top ten Chinese gold jewelry brand rankings?”

  1. In fact, the top ten are: Zhou Dafu, Zhou Shengsheng, Lao Fengxiang, Saifel Jewelry, Liufu Jewelry, Old Temple, Saturday Fook, Chaohongji, Cai Bai, Bai Tai.
    , the Sunfeel Saifel, founded in 1993, is a mature brand that has grown for 27 years. The superstar Coco Li Yan endorsed, focusing on no welded gold jewelry. In the "Good Luck" program, there are two major production bases in Shandong and Shenzhen. It is a strong gold jewelry brand that has grown up rapidly in the jewelry industry in recent years.

  2. China's Top Ten Gold Store Ranking

    1. Lao Fengxiang Gold
    2. China Gold
    3. Chow Shengsheng Group
    . Jewelry
    . Chow Dasheng Jewelry
    7. Xie Ruilin International Co., Ltd.
    8. Yuewang Jewelry
    9. Old temple gold
    10. 鸳 鸳.

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