What prizes are given to employee internal activities "Reading Contest"? What are the gifts related to books?

The employee's internal activity "Reading Contest" was selected for the first, second and third prizes, and which prizes were appropriate (between 100 yuan and 300 yuan)?

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  1. I think the prizes of this event should have practicality and honor at the same time.
    The first, practicality:
    [third prize] "Xinhua Dictionary";
    [Second -class prize] "Xinhua Dictionary", "Modern Chinese Dictionary" each;
    [First Prize] "Xinhua Dictionary", "Modern Chinese Dictionary", and one of the Kangxi Dictionary. rn------------------rn第二,荣誉感:rn【1】在字典扉页注明“某某某同志, Employee Reading Contest, I am awarded the year, ", it is best to write with brush. The scholars value the book.
    [2] Please ask the local calligraphy master, or the chairman of the county (city) chief union or the publicity minister; if your unit is in the provincial capital or municipality, you can even ask the chairman of the Provincial Federation of Trade Union or the Propaganda Minister. As long as you please write well, it will succeed in eighty -nine.
    [3] Specializing in the seal of "a certain (second name) employee reading contest" seal of " It is advisable to make yang or yin text; it is best to use the printed mud when using the print. rn---------------------rn第三:发奖仪式:rn不宜过于隆重。 Using get off work hours, you can hang a banner in the courtyard of the unit. However, in the prestigious words, the identity of the inscribed person should be subtle, such as "our activities have been affirmed and supported by the Provincial (Municipal, County) Federation of Trade Unions (Propaganda Department). Wait; just point, don't be too rendered. With ten minutes, seeking truth from facts, simple and enthusiastic, to achieve the effect of leadership acceptance, employees are not annoying, and the effectiveness of the winners.


    Wish you be happy!

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