3 thoughts on “What shape is good for diamond ring?”

  1. Generally speaking, the diamond ring diamond is generally the best and the most classic and beautiful, but the olive tip and water droplets are the most hand -made diamond rings, so it depends on what I like. I chose Allove. Round diamond, classic and beautiful.

  2. Most of them are platinum, and most of them are PT950, because the 990 has insufficient hardness, and the purity of 750 is not easy to diamond and not high. Therefore, the diamond ring is basically the PT950 ring trustees. There are also some rings because they are just inlaid with a particularly small diamond.

  3. Most people buy diamond rings are round diamonds and are the most classic diamond shapes.
    In addition to circular diamonds, diamonds also have other shapes; heart shape, oval, horse -shaped, water droplets, emerald, square, rectangular, oval and triangular, etc. This diamond is collectively referred to For alien diamonds. The price of alien diamonds for round diamonds will be discounted!
    Whether it is a round diamond or a alien diamond, the most important thing is the emotion contained in it. Diamond ring is not only a jewelry, but also a promise of feelings. Dmallovo (Marley) diamond ring "Men's ID card, only customized for one person throughout her life", from wearing this Dmallovo (Marley) diamond ring, no matter how time changes, only this love will not change this life.

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