PMU driver for microcontroller ballast

L6382D5 is suitable for embedded PFC and half-bridge microcontrolled electronic ballasts. The L6382D5 includes four MOSFET driver stages (for PFC, half-bridge, and preheated MOSFET) and a power management unit (PMU), which also has a reference that can power the microcontroller in any situation. In addition to improving application efficiency, the L6382D5 also reduces material costs because different tasks (regarding drive and power management) are performed by a single IC, thus improving application reliability.
PMU driver for microcontroller ballast
All functions
Cross conduction protection (interlocking)
Digital output signal overcurrent protection
Integrated bootstrap diode
Combined high voltage starting
Fully integrated power management for all operating modes
Four PFC, half-bridge, and preheated MOSFET drivers
Internal two point VCC regulator
Under-voltage lockout
5V microcontroller compatible

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