Smic is 0.3 per cent shy of overtaking The US chipmaker to become the world’s fourth largest foundry

TrendForce has released the top 10 foundries in the world in terms of revenue, ranking, market share and growth in q1 2022. From the report, we can see that Chinese manufacturers (including Taiwan province) have captured nearly 75% of the global market share, with seven companies on the list.
The Chinese mainland also recorded the best performance, with three companies ranked fifth, sixth and ninth, respectively, and with the highest growth rate among the Top10. But in fact, if you look at the share of these revenues last year, you will find a more exciting thing, that is, SMIC from the Us lattice has only 0.3% of the proportion, really is a step away, SMIC will be super lattice, into the world’s fourth.
Domestic chip enterprises accelerate the breakthrough
Smic is also in contract manufacturing, and its process can reach 14nm. By the end of 2020, smic ranked fifth. To know that the fourth is the United States, the United States is very afraid of the speed of our country’s development, so the SMIC continued to suppress. Even so, it is still difficult to resist the development of SMIC.
In the first quarter of 2022, the foundry market is still very large, TSMC is still in the first place, the second is South Korea’s Sunstar, the third is China’s Taiwan UmC, the fourth is the United States lattice chip, China’s SMIC ranked the fifth. Although there was no change in the rankings, there was a 17% increase and only a 3% gap to fourth place. According to the speed of our country’s progress, catching up with lattice core is just around the corner.
Smic is 0.3 per cent shy of overtaking The US chipmaker to become the world's fourth largest foundry
Chipchip certainly does not want to be overtaken, but there are indeed certain difficulties and pressures in the manufacturing of wafers in the United States. Not long ago, it was overtaken by UmC, from the third to the fourth, and now if overtaken again, the United States will move to the fifth. The United States will not be reconciled to successive backwardness, which will erode its voice in the international arena.
Because of the lag of Wafer manufacturing, more and more IC design factories do not trust Wafer, and turn to other manufacturers, and China’s SMIC, because of the production of the world’s 8-inch wafer quality is better, so the market is growing, leading to the situation of short supply. So EVEN if smIC was suppressed by the United States, it still grew substantially.
Most of the world’s 8-inch wafers are used in automotive chips, and the future market is still promising. Therefore, in the long run, SMIC can certainly catch up with the third and fourth. Smic has been continuously developing and producing, in addition to 14nm chip production, but also developing 10nm, 7nm and other processes, but Grid and UMC have focused on mature processes, no longer polishing 10nm and below, which also indicates that they are lagging behind.
In addition to technology, American chip companies are lagging behind, and their production capacity is gradually declining, as American companies entrust much of their chip manufacturing to TSMC. The US chip industry is catching up with others, and it is false to say that it is not afraid or anxious.
Smic is currently developing 7nm N+1 and N+2 processes, which is also a huge step for THE advanced technology of SMIC. Because smIC has a large market, it can also have a better revenue. With strong financial support, SMIC can also have a research and development foundation.
In addition to its overseas presence, SMIC remains trusted in China, where the market for sourced chips is worth $400 billion. Smic’s continuous research and development and production, so that its manufacturing capacity is extraordinary, in the future will also improve capacity and technology, at a rapid speed of development, will be able to surpass umC, lattice core.

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