In the face of many electronic components, how do we judge whether electronic components are qualified? Today xiaobian sorted out some points to share with you, so that you can quickly judge, let's have a look.
1, check components: model, specification, manufacturer, origin must meet the design requirements, whether the outer packaging is intact.
2, electrode lead: whether pressed and bent, coating is intact and smooth, no oxidation corrosion.
What are the methods for testing the appearance specifications of electronic components
3. Appearance: whether it is in good condition, whether there are dents, scratches, cracks and other defects on the surface, and the external components with coating must not fall off and scratch.
4. Clear characters: model and specification marks should be clear and complete, color position and color should meet standards, and characters on integrated circuits should be carefully checked.
The components in various electronic products have their own characteristics, so the content to be checked should be done according to the specific requirements of each component.

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