Low-power power chip This section describes the power charger IC

The correct choice of power adapter IC chip plays a crucial role in the adapter, the choice of adapter IC not only to meet the requirements of circuit performance, but also consider the volume, weight, service life and cost of the product, which is related to the stability and service life of the power adapter. Choosing a good adapter IC can guarantee the security and stability of electronic components.
Next, let's take a look at the primary side feedback built-in triode power adapter IC chip, which is a high performance primary side feedback controller for low power AC/DC chargers and power adapters. The chip adopts the topology of primary edge detection and adjustment, so it does not need TL431 and optical coupling in application. Constant current constant voltage control loop, can achieve high precision constant voltage, constant current output, can meet most charger and adapter needs. Built-in high voltage start circuit and very low chip power consumption make the system can meet high standby power standard.
Low-power power chip This section describes the power charger IC
Low power adapter IC chip features
■ Built-in 650V smart power MOSFET with high avalanche capability
■ Built-in high voltage starting circuit, less than 30mW no-load loss (230VAC)
■ Adopt quasi resonance and multi-mode technology to improve efficiency and meet grade 6 energy efficiency standard
■ Full voltage input range ±5% CC/CV accuracy
■ Original side feedback can save optical coupling and TL431
■ Constant voltage, constant current, output line compensation external adjustable
■ No additional compensation capacitance required
■ No audio noise
■ Intelligent protection function
Overtemperature protection (OTP)
VDD under-voltage & Over-voltage protection (UVLO&OVP)
Periodic overcurrent protection (OCP)
CS open/short circuit protection (CS O/SP)
Open loop protection (OLP)
Power adapter IC can be divided into primary side feedback (PSR) power supply chip and secondary side feedback (SSR) power supply chip. PSR power supply chip price is lower than SSR, adapter power supply IC and power management chip control adapter circuit, determine the power supply circuit current, voltage, power control, the correct choice of power adapter IC chip can not only prolong the service life of the product, but also reduce the product failure rate.

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