What is the difference between LED and RGB LED?

Rgbic LED strip belongs to LED, but LED is not necessarily RGB

LED is just one range of leds.

Most leds emit a single type of light

But RGBIC LED strip can emit several different colors of light, can be achieved through the program control, control, this LED inside the three chips.

R for red chip, G for green chip, B for blue chip, these are all abbreviations for the English initials.

Ensure the best color experience


As a result, users can safely use real white dots and brighter displays.

Rgbic LED strips alternately use red, green and blue sequences to form white, while leds use white leds with dots or blue leds.

Placing multiple chips on the same stand is called LED integration.

It can be the same color chip, RGB chip, or even a combination of some of these chips, as needed.

RGB three color chip share a bracket, such as full table paste RGB

Led is a kind of integrated LED.

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