What kind of hair extensions should I choose?

There are only three types of hair extensions commonly used by market hair extension manufacturer: crystal thread, traceless or Victoria's Secret or miniature, feather extensions (ranked from lowest to highest in price).


Crystal line: low price range (1000 ~ 2000 ➕) is a handful of hair with black elastic cord with your own hair, hair a little bit more often. I've only been in the hair be of the crystalline, it is invisible, but there are drawbacks, a long time (about) more than a month white rubber band will appear, like dandruff... I personally don't like it!

Mini OR Victoria's Secret: This is usually hair piece, use glue stick together, and your hair advantage time, usually one and half hour to fix, moderate price range (2000 ~ 3800), I tend to be in this, shortcomings, associated with the barbershop you choose, some barber's hair slice width, not invisible, glue is not good, start white glue two months or so, Like dandruff.... A better barber's glue is said to be imported, basically solving the problem of white glue dandruff. hair size is OK, 5 mm.

​Father hair extensions: (5000 ~ 8000 or so) the price of each city is very different, because I have not done the advantages and disadvantages I do not know, from the Internet and barber to understand the situation is supernatural super stealth, personally feeling too expensive is not cost-effective.​

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