Learn about new electronic devices

New electronic components are one of the three pillars of information technology and are supported by the Chinese government. It reflects the development trend of modern and future electronic components, such as high frequency, chip, miniaturization, thin, low power consumption, fast response rate, high resolution, high precision, high power, multi-function, component, composite, modular, intelligent and so on.
Electronic components are entering in the new era of electronic components as the main body of a new generation of components, it will basically replace traditional components, electronic components from the original for the machine to meet the demand of the new technology of miniaturization and improvement, become to meet the characteristics of digital technology, microelectronics technology development proposed requirements is given priority to, and is a complete set of meet the industrialization stage of development.
2. New electronic components reflect the development trend of modern and future electronic components to high-frequency, chip, miniaturization, thin, low power consumption, fast response rate, high resolution, high precision, high power, multi-function, componentization, compound, modularization and intelligence. At the same time, product safety and green is also an important factor affecting its development prospects and market.
3. Categories and varieties of electronic components present a new relationship of mutual competition and growth, and each has a new market positioning. Some categories and varieties should be greatly developed, including their number and scope of application. Some will be reduced or even replaced; Some of them did not increase much in quantity, mainly in quality. Some need to determine new matching objects; There is also the emergence of new category components, and rapid development.
Learn about new electronic devices
4, in order to adapt to the popularity of electronic whole machine and large-scale production, the production scale of electronic components will be tens of billions of annual output. The production process is refined, the process is automated, the production environment is also more and more demanding, the investment is more and more large, but also the consistency of the product, stability, precision and cost factors, in order to establish the enterprise in the international competitive strength, market positioning and development prospects.
5, rapid product renewal, rapid development, the formation of production capacity, which is mainly to adapt to electronic products and market life is shortening, as well as the trend of personalized development.
6. The introduction of electronic component technology and production equipment is necessary for a certain period of time, but it should adapt to the changes in market demand, including the requirements of variety, quantity and price, and achieve reasonable profits. Domestic enterprises, supported by technological progress, combine production, learning, research and use effectively, independently develop products to improve performance and quality.
What are the pain points?
1. Continue to expand the fragmentation and miniaturization. Although chip components have been quite mature, but some electronic components are still not chip, or although surface mount can be carried out, but the volume is large, can not meet the requirements of electronic products light, thin, small. Such as magnetic transformers, power inductors, relays, connectors, potentiometers, adjustable R/L/C, aluminum/tantalum electrolytic capacitors, film capacitors, ceramic filters, PPTCR and some sensitive components are all such products. Efforts are being made to solve these problems.
2. High frequency high speed. The trend towards high frequency (microwave band) in electronics is strong. In addition, there are more and more high-speed digital circuit products. These developments have put forward higher requirements for electronic components, such as reducing parasitic inductance, parasitic capacitance, improving self-resonant frequency, reducing ESR, improving Q value of high frequency, etc.
3. Integration. Chip R/L/C is the main body of chip electronic components, accounting for 90% of the number. The package size of these chip components has been reduced to 0.6×0.3×0.3mm. Such a small size to manufacture and use have brought a lot of inconvenience. Most people believe that the package size has reached its limit and there is no need to reduce the package size of individual chip components further. So where are we going? The answer is to move towards componentization, passive/active component integration. At present, there have been a variety of R/L/C components, foreign famous companies using LTCC (low temperature ceramic co-firing) technology, thin film integration technology, PCB integration technology, MCM multi-chip assembly technology to make a variety of passive/active integration module, and has been applied, its development prospects are unlimited.
4. Go green. In the manufacturing process of electronic components, a large number of toxic materials are often used, such as cleaning agent, flux, solder and some raw materials. Electronic components in the finished products sometimes contain toxic substances, such as mercury, lead, cadmium and so on. Now some developed countries have legislated to ban these harmful substances and advocate green electronics. China's electronic components industry is also facing this issue, there are a lot of technical difficulties waiting for us to overcome.

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