Online shopping furniture, how to avoid pits?

Simply speaking, when the furniture of choose and buy, it is important to understand his style first. A lot of time the experience of buying furniture will be a lot.

I measured the size from the beginning, and then began to audition the styles. Finally, I selected the sizes of the styles and started to purchase them in the selected stores.

General consumers will choose, there are offline stores online shop to choose experience, and then choose to buy, this is undoubtedly the most secure way.

However, there is still a risk of tipping over if you choose a style to buy online. For example, if we see the type of style offline is their favorite, the comfort of sitting up is still good, if you want to save money on the Internet to buy a look the same, may do is not the same

If the style we like does not have stores offline, then how to judge whether this style is a mature style type

First of all, my friend answered that it was a furniture supplier. It is a good practice to find a shop with a furniture factory. It is true that the factory can be cheaper, but not necessarily that factory is more proficient in the style and type you want

Online shopping furniture, how to avoid pits?

1. Among the styles and types, the shipment quantity determines the stability of the factory's process. The process and workers are honed out, the change of style, through the production of after-sale, the more feedback, the less changes will be. The style will become more and more mature

2. Look at the appearance of the version, if there is no time to study, in fact, many platforms can be wasted. For example, send a question about the style you like, invite some merchants or zhihu to send some questions or posts, which can quickly improve their understanding of the style. Other platforms are the same, such as Xiaohongshu

3. If you can chat with them, you can directly add or ask the person in charge of them. You can communicate with them by phone or wechat.

4. Material with material, this is not necessarily everyone is to understand, but to do a good record of the habit, the size of the style type of order back to check the size, and then the stuffing and some of the sofa's leather information can be recorded, so that the problem can be consulted back

5 their own too lazy to learn so much, or to buy a big brand, ask can no reason, and then no reason to return some matters. You can find some people with goods, they are very right to know, they are professional looking for goods, natural is to understand some of the comparison of similar products, so that you can find their matching resources efficiently, but it is to spend a fee

6. Buyers show and ask are very useful functions, directly look at the bad or medium reviews, and is the feedback of people who have bought, or enter their Taobao group or other communication groups to understand

7. To understand the professional of the seller, you can ask about the material, and his understanding and views on the style, which can be seen. More or less, people engaged in production will know about the product, but if a person knows nothing about the product, there is no foundation for such communication on the product

Of course, in addition to 618, the time is very tight. If you have the opportunity to purchase offline furniture, there will be an exhibition in July. If you need furniture in the second half of the year, there is no need to buy it at a moment's notice

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