What are the common capacitors?

Today, Xiaobian to introduce three common capacitors, let's take a look ~
1, aluminum electrolytic capacitor
Using absorbent paper dipped in paste electrolyte sandwiched between two pieces of aluminum foil winding, thin oxide film as a dielectric capacitor. The electrolytic capacitor has polarity because of the unidirectional conductivity of the oxide film. Large capacity, can tolerate large pulse current capacity error, leakage current; It is not suitable for high frequency and low temperature applications. It is not suitable for low-frequency bypass, signal coupling and power filtering above 25kHz.
2, tantalum electrolytic capacitor
The sintered tantalum block is used as the cathode, and the solid manganese dioxide is used as the electrolyte. The temperature characteristics, especially the leakage current is very small, the storage is good, the life is long, the capacity error is small, and the volume is small.
3, film capacitor
The structure is similar to the paper capacitor, but with polyester, polystyrene and other low loss plastic material as the dielectric frequency characteristics are good, small dielectric loss can not be made into a large capacity, poor heat resistance filter, integral, oscillation, timing circuit
The above is about the introduction of three kinds of capacitors, I hope to help you ~

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