Enhancing Mobility: The ND12-2-30.4A 150W Permanent Magnet Brush Transaxle

The ND12-2-30.4A 150W Permanent Magnet Brush Transaxle provides efficient, reliable power in a compact design, ideal for personal mobility devices and light-duty electric vehicles. It offers excellent torque, enhanced durability, and operates quietly, perfect for indoor and sensitive environments.


As the landscape of personal and commercial electric vehicles continues to evolve, the demand for compact, efficient, and versatile power solutions increases. The ND12-2-30.4A 150W Permanent Magnet Brush Transaxle is designed to meet these needs, offering superior performance in a compact package ideal for a variety of applications.

Product Overview

The ND12-2-30.4A transaxle is powered by a 150W permanent magnet brush motor, tailored for applications requiring high efficiency and reliability with minimal noise and maintenance. This unit is perfect for enhancing the capabilities of personal mobility devices, automated guided vehicles (AGVs), and other light-duty electric vehicles.


Specification Detail
Motor Type Permanent Magnet Brush
Power Output 150W
Operating Voltage 24V DC
Maximum Speed Up to 6 km/h
Torque 12 Nm
Efficiency High efficiency over 82%
Weight 12 kg (26.5 lbs)
Dimensions 360mm x 140mm x 160mm
Application Suitability Personal mobility devices, light-duty electric vehicles

Key Advantages

  • Optimal Efficiency: Achieves high efficiency rates, reducing energy consumption and extending vehicle operating times.
  • Compact and Lightweight: Its streamlined design allows easy integration into various vehicle frameworks, making it an ideal choice for applications where space is limited.
  • Durability and Reliability: Built to withstand rigorous use, ensuring long-term functionality and minimal upkeep.
  • Quiet Operation: The brush motor operates quietly, making it suitable for both indoor and residential environments.

Design and Performance Superiority

The ND12-2-30.4A is engineered to provide not only power but also precision in control. It features an advanced gearing system that maximizes torque output while maintaining a smooth and consistent drive. Its robust construction includes high-quality bearings and seals that protect against environmental factors, extending the lifespan of the transaxle.


This versatile transaxle is perfectly suited for:

  • Personal Mobility Devices: Offering enhanced mobility to users with a reliable and efficient drive system.
  • Light-Duty Electric Vehicles: Ideal for small commercial vehicles used in confined spaces such as warehouses and manufacturing facilities.

While the ND12-2-30.4A transaxle offers significant benefits, it may not be suitable for high-speed or heavy-load applications due to its power rating. However, for its designated light-duty applications, it provides a perfect balance of efficiency, performance, and size.

This transaxle is part of our commitment to pioneering advanced mobility solutions that push the boundaries of what is possible in electric vehicle technology, ensuring our customers receive the best in modern drive components.


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