Common electronic component classification

What are the classifications of electronic components? With the development of science and technology, there are more and more kinds of electronic components, about ten thousand kinds. The following is a common classification of electronic components:
1 resistance: resistor, potentiometer
2. The capacitance
3. The inductance
4. The transformer
5. Relay
6. Integrated circuit: Stabilizer (three-terminal voltage regulator, five end voltage regulator, A fixed stabilizer, adjustable voltage regulator, switch integrated voltage regulator), DC/DC converter, operational amplifier, thick film circuit (power thick film circuit, power amplifier) thick film circuit, digital circuit (TTL integrated circuits, CMOS integrated circuit), A/D, D/A conversion circuit, music circuit, languages, special electric circuit Circuit (TV with integrated circuit, remote control with integrated circuit, integrated circuit with audio, integrated circuit with video player), 555 time base circuit
7 diode: common diode (rectifier, detection diode), single junction transistor, special diode (two-way trigger diode, fast recovery diode, varactor diode, switching diode)
8. Safety element: fuse, recoverable fuse, fusible resistor
9. Triode: ordinary triode (low frequency triode, high frequency triode, high power triode, switching triode, Darlington tube), field effect tube (junction type field effect tube, insulated gate type field effect tube), thyristor
Switch 10.
11. Connector
12. Quartz crystal and ceramic devices: quartz crystal resonant devices, ceramic filters and notch devices, surface acoustic wave devices
13. Light emitting device: light emitting diode (ordinary light emitting diode, voltage light emitting diode, flashing light emitting diode), digital tube, neon tube, indicator light, picture tube, liquid crystal display, plasma display
14. Sheet device: sheet resistor, sheet capacitor, sheet inductor, sheet diode, sheet triode
15. Electroacoustic devices: speaker (woofer, tweeter, full-band speaker, bugle speaker), headset (electromagnetic headset, earplug, moving coil headset), buzzer (piezoelectric buzzer, electromagnetic buzzer), microphone (moving coil microphone, capacitive microphone, electret speaker)
16. Sensitive device: temperature sensitive device (thermistor, temperature sensitive diode, platinum resistance element), photosensitive device (silicon photocell, photosensitive diode, photosensitive transistor), humidity sensitive device, force sensitive device, magnetic sensitive device, gas sensitive device, voltage sensitive device (varistor, transient voltage suppression diode)
17 sensors: temperature sensor, ultraviolet sensor, photoelectric coupler, strain type force sensor, inductive proximity sensor, magnetic compensation current sensor, hall sensor, pyroelectric infrared sensor, infrared photoelectric switch.

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