What function does the relay have?

Relay is usually used in automatic control circuit, it is actually a control circuit using small current to control the operation of large current "automatic switch", in the circuit plays an important role in automatic adjustment, safety protection, conversion circuit. Then relay as a control element, what functions does it have?
1. Expand your control.
For example, when the control signal of the multi-contact relay reaches a certain value, the multi-circuit circuit can be switched, broken and connected according to different forms of contact groups.
What function does the relay have?2. Keep the small to the big.
For example: sensitive relay, intermediate relay, etc., with a very small amount of control, you can control the high-power circuit.
3. Integrated signal.
For example, when multiple control signals are input to the multi-winding relay in a specified form, the predetermined control effect can be achieved through comparison and synthesis.
4. Automatic, remote control, monitoring.
For example, the relay on the automatic device together with other electrical appliances can form a program control line, so as to achieve automatic operation.

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