Take inventory of the expensive and impractical devices in the truck

In recent years, the domestic truck market in the increasingly fierce competition, numerous car companies in order to attract consumer's attention, like passenger cars have taken to race in the configuration, start the steep line, such as high power, wide berth, Gao Qingbing, luxury seats, automatic, car refrigerator, and so on, extremely lively, and, of course, price is also a rising tide lifts all boats.

According to the truth, the configuration improved is a great thing, especially for those who run long distance transportation owners, eat and live are frequently in the car, the higher the configuration of the vehicle, the higher the safety and driving comfort.

However, in the words of the owners, "the car is not driving", although the tall version of the truck large and minor functions updated a lot, but numerous of them are not highly practical, and even a lot of configuration from buying a car to selling a car is not used a few times.

Today, I'm going to check out with Semi Trailer Manufacturers the high-end features on trucks that owners typically don't think are particularly useful.

78d168514780fee3d41531b6092dcaf31. One-click startup

One-button start is nearly the standard configuration of passenger cars, commonly used with keyless entry system. Since the application of this technology, owners no longer need to pick up the key to get in the car. It is actually a lot of convenience, but also changed the habits of numerous users. As a result, some car companies are transferring these technologies to commercial vehicles.

At the beginning, the one-button start function of commercial vehicles was not installed together with the keyless entry system, which resulted in the owner having to take out the key to unlock the car when getting on the bus, put the key, get on the bus, and then press one button to start. Compared with the traditional mechanical key, is to save a key insertion process, does not feel much more convenient.

In addition, there is a problem in this case: if the owner gets off the car with the key while the car is running, once the key is accidentally left outside the car, the owner will not affect to continue to drive after returning to the car, and when the key is found missing, it will be extra trouble to find it.

Later, some high-end models will be a key to start and keyless access to the system together, according to the reason it is more convenient to use. But numerous owners report that the technology is not very popular. Why? Because after getting into the car without a key, it is easy to forget to take the key. Besides, car owners frequently need to take a lot of things like clothes, food, qualifications, waybills and so on when they go out of the car. It is also common to forget to take the key. ​Typically, they don't remember to take the key until they go to the side of the car. Unlike the traditional mechanical key, open the door, insert the key, light the fire, leave, all at once, not easy to forget the key.

According to the staff of the vehicle service stations, some equipped with a button to start and keyless into the function of the vehicle because users frequently lose or forgotten the key to the service station with a different key, but the key internal consistent with vehicle remote signal chip, so the price is usually more costly, a single key can reach more than 1000 yuan, considerably more costly than traditional mechanical keys.

2. Headlamp cleaning device

Headlamp cleaning device is not a modern technology. It has been out for decades now, but the phenomenon of not being popular is still embarrassing.

The use of headlight cleaning devices in trucks is relatively expensive in Europe, where the installation of headlight cleaning devices is a mandatory regulatory requirement. From the beginning of mechanical cleaning, to the current elevated pressure jet cleaning, we also experienced the update of technology iteration.

Have to say, after the installation of a high pressure jet cleaning device, the appearance is extremely steep. According to the feedback of the owners, the clarity also depends on the distance between the nozzle and the light mirror, the size of the water droplets, the contact angle, the speed of water spraying and the amount of water spraying. Some fine dust does not use the cleaning device, some cemented mud or shellac and not wipe.

Besides, it is not easy to find a muddy path for transportation nowadays, and more importantly, the device is so costly that it might as well be flushed with a hose while parking.

3, car super large screen

This is also a common owner putting forward a shorter practical device. At present, numerous models have begun to launch large on-board screens, but numerous owners have reported that the attendance rate of large on-board screens is not as excellent as the car owners' mobile apps, whether it is navigation, entertainment, leisure or sourcing. The car owners can complete the process from sports car to order taking with a mobile phone, and they can also watch short videos or information in their leisure time. Even with the most frequent navigation, on-board screens are seldom used for navigation, as on-board systems are seldom updated in real time via the Internet. Unless it is a large screen with mobile Internet, navigation, APP, 360 panoramic image and other functions.

​Thus instead of installing a huge screen, owners say, they should replace it with a four-way monitoring device or a dashcam.

4. Cab skylight

Let's talk about the sunroof device. Although numerous models are equipped with sunroofs at present, and they also support button opening, for many owners, the sunroof does not have any practical effect. Some owners even go directly to the modification factory to remove the sunroof and replace it with a parking air conditioner after lifting the car.

5. Speech recognition system

The principle of the voice control system is fully understood, that is, through the microphone set in the vehicle to receive the driver's voice command, through the vehicle ECU transmission, to achieve a function to open or close.

Sounds a bit mean of artificial intelligence, but in actual use, voice recognition and reaction efficiency is extremely worrying. Even if the owner uses standard mandarin loudly issue instructions, the system returns to tell you it's "not clear", or perceived, or merely doesn't understand dialect, like comedy tends, let owner in distressed situation.

In addition to the above, what configuration do you think is not practical? Leave a comment in the comments section. In fact, for the owners, the vehicle as long as affordable, economic, safe, reliable is sufficient, do not need to be overly fancy, and these configurations are not free, the original price is not inexpensive, the owners do not use, it is better to directly into a more practical, more secure configuration.

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