How to make love to a woman?

How can a woman be satisfied with sex? When men have sex, they should not only think about their own enjoyment, but also understand how to bring sexual satisfaction to their female partners. ​Then how can women feel great about sex?

How to make love to a woman

As long as you master the key points of intercourse, you will satisfy your loved one. ​Then how do you master the key points of intercourse? Let's take a look at the key points of having sex with a sex doll mini.

The frequency of 2-3 per week is appropriate.​

For youthful people with relatively ideal physical fitness, it is appropriate to have sex 2 to 3 times a week, and middle-aged people 1- with the growth of both ages, the number of sexual intercourse can be gradually reduced.

The frequency of intercourse can be based on whether or not both partners feel tired after sex. If you feel depressed and tired after sex, you should reduce the frequency of intercourse. If couples have different sexual desires, they should control the frequency of sex together in order to achieve a harmonious sex life.

It's best to choose a time before you fall asleep.​

Sex time is the best choice of sex time. After sex, you can sleep rest, restore physical strength. The best time to have sex is when both partners are sexually active.

If you are busy during the day and feel tired when you come home, it is better to take a break in the evening until both of you recover mentally and physically in the middle of the night, and then have sex.

Of course, we don't have to limit ourselves to bedtime sex. Couples can have sex at anytime during an erotic outburst, but bedtime sex is better.

The 2∶3∶2 rule in the process

Most men want to have sex for a long time. Full sex consists of three parts: foreplay, substantive life, and post-play. ​Broadly speaking, the length of sex varies from person to person and is commonly thought to be 20-30 minutes. From the point of view of time allocation, the 2:3:2 principle can be followed. Taking 20 minutes as an example, foreplay should take about 6 minutes, substantive sex about 8 minutes, and possibly about 6 minutes.

Two, women's sexy parts

1. Hair. Did it ever occur to you that a woman's hair can project her reaction in bed? Women with short, playful hair are better at surprises, research suggests. Dark brown and red hair show enthusiasm, while blonde hair best enhances interest in bed. A woman with tall hair says she is willing and patient to take care of trouble, but a woman with tall hair should be careful not to spread her hair too often. Women with messy hair make human nature attractive.

2. Eyes. Eye contact is a sign of confidence, especially when it comes to sex and a shy answer might not come in handy. If she makes seductive eye contact with the opposite sex, it means she is willing to try anything different.

3. Butt. A strong butt is an essential indicator of excellent sex: if she keeps working out, she'll be great. On the contrary, if her butt is flat, it means she is a lazy person. It's possible that she doesn't want any sex. She also uses the traditional male up female down position during sex. Don't expect her to learn and try difficult sexual skills!

4. ​Tiny feet. It is commonly claimed that the size of a woman's feet is proportional to her disc bones, therefore a woman's private parts are narrower. Although there is no scientific evidence, for those who believe in it, women with tiny feet are visually more sexually attractive.

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