L6562_ Transition mode

The L6562 is a current mode PFC controller operating in transition mode (TM). Pin to pin compatible with the predecessor L6561, which offers better performance.
All functions
1% (@tJ =25˚C) internal reference voltage
To disable the feature
DIP - 8 / SO - 8 packaging ECOPACK ®
-600/+800mA totem grid driver with UVLO pull-down and voltage clamp
L6562_ Transition modeExpand IC power supply voltage range
Low (≤4 mA) static current
Implemented in BCD technology
Proprietary multiplier design minimizes total harmonic distortion of ac input current
Transition mode control of PFC preregulator
Ultra low (≤70μA) starting current
On-chip filter based on current sensing
Very precise adjustable output overvoltage protection

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