How about inflatable dolls sold online?

Basic is impossible to like pictures. I bought one. It really is just like a balloon. If just like the picture, that thousands of, I buy back away, like a raincoat, almost is inflatable, advise you not to buy. It is better to buy a cup, and plane to buy that kind of thick, more than ten dollars. Using it for a long time is not easy to bad.​

0f5b093af5a250485856bf3699414f33Don't be fooled by the pictures. They all hang pictures of Life Like Sex Dolls and tell you when they buy them that they don't look like the pictures, and then when you get them, you're too embarrassed to bother with them.

Of course, they should use pictures of Japanese sex dolls. The raincoat material is so expensive, only a few parts are rubber, don't buy it, you will regret it, and asian sexy doll. I don't know if they are true or not.

Definitely not the same

Buy it back like a balloon

The pictures are of physical dolls.​

Taobao is the use of physical doll pictures to do sex doll propaganda.​

The pig

It's all lies!

There are no half-body dolls and so on.​

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