What is a bath bomb?

Explosive bath salt ball: Bath salt ball with exfoliation, whitening, skin care and numerous additional benefits. It's also known as a bath salt bomb because it contains carbonic acid, which bubbles in water.

private label bath bombs MAIN MATERIALS FOR citric ACID and sodium bicarBONate, then add SURFACtants AND ANTI-COAGULant, as well as SODIUM sulfate, SODIUM chloride, etc. They dissolve quickly in water.

51d1cec4d52591fed794ab56275480b4How to use bath salt balls:

1. First fill the bathtub with one-third of warm water, then put the bath salt ball into the bathtub, and then continue to fill the bathtub with water, so that the bath salt bomb will melt entirely.

2, then you can take a bath. If the bath salt ball is a no-rinse formula, then there is no need to rinse with water after the bath, which can leave valuable essential oil components for the skin. If it contains ingredients that must be rinsed off, rinse it off again with sterile water.

3, the dosage of bath salts ball according to their own use, such as to soak feet, only take a limited amount of bath salt ball.

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