How to make integrated circuit board

Integrated circuit board

Integrated circuit board is a carrier of integrated circuit. But when you talk about integrated circuit boards, you also bring integrated circuits with you. Integrated circuit board is mainly composed of silica gel, so generally green.

Integrated circuit board (IC) is made of semiconductor technology, many transistors, resistors, capacitors and other components are made on a small monocrystalline silicon chip, and the components are combined into a complete electronic circuit according to the method of multi-layer wiring or tunnel wiring. It is represented in the circuit by the letter "IC" (also useful word symbol "N", etc.).

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Integrated circuit board has what classification

Functional structure

Integrated circuit board can be divided into analog integrated circuit board and digital circuit board according to its function and structure.

Analog is used to generate, amplify, and process analog signals whose amplitude varies over time. For example, the audio signal of a semiconductor radio, the tape signal of a VCD, etc.), while the digital is used to generate, amplify and process various digital signals (i.e., signals with discrete values in time and amplitude. For example, VCD, DVD playback audio signal and video signal).

According to the production process

According to the production process can be divided into semiconductor and film.

Films are classified into thick film and thin film.

According to the degree of integration

According to the different degree of integration can be divided into small-scale, medium scale, large-scale and super scale.

Depending on the type of conduction

According to the conduction type can be divided into bipolar and unipolar.

Bipolar production process is complex, large power consumption, representing TTL, ECL, HTL, LST-TL, STTL and other types. Monopole production process is simple, low power consumption, easy to make large-scale, on behalf of CMOS, NMOS, PMOS and other types.

According to the purpose

According to the use can be divided into television. Audio, DVD player, video recorder, computer (microcomputer), electronic organ, communication, camera, remote control, language, alarm and various special use.

TV includes line, field scanning, medium, audio, color decoding, AV/TV conversion, switching power supply, remote control, beauty decoding, picture in picture processing, microprocessor (CPU), memory and so on.

Audio includes AM/FM high and medium frequency circuit, stereo decoding circuit, audio preamplifier circuit, audio operation amplifier, audio power amplifier, surround sound processing, level drive, electronic volume control, delay reverberation, electronic switch and so on.

DVD player with system control, video coding, MPEG decoding, audio signal processing, audio effects, RF signal processing, digital signal processing, servo, motor drive, etc.

Video recorder with system control, servo, drive, audio processing, video processing.

How to make integrated circuit board

How to make integrated circuit board

1, print circuit boards. The printed circuit board will be drawn out with transfer paper, pay attention to the slippery side facing yourself, generally print two circuit boards, that is, two circuit boards printed on a piece of paper. Choose the best printed circuit board among them.

2, cutting copper-clad plate with photographic plate to make circuit board whole diagram. Copperclad boards, that is, circuit boards covered with copper film on both sides, are cut to the size of the circuit board, not too large, to save material.

3. Pretreatment of copper clad plate. Use fine sandpaper to polish off the oxide layer on the surface of the copper-clad plate, so as to ensure that when printing the circuit board, the toner on the thermal transfer paper can be firmly printed on the copper-clad plate. The polished standard is that the surface is bright and there is no obvious stain.

4, transfer printing circuit board. Cut the printed circuit board to an appropriate size, paste the printed circuit board side on the copper plate, align the copper plate into the heat transfer machine, and ensure that the transfer paper is not misplaced. Generally speaking, after 2-3 times of transfer printing, the circuit board can be firmly transferred to the copper clad plate. The heat transfer machine has been preheated in advance, the temperature is set at 160-200 degrees Celsius, due to the high temperature, pay attention to safety when operating!

5, corrosive circuit board backflow welder. First check whether the circuit board transfer printing complete, if there is a few not good transfer printing place can be repaired with black oil pen. Then it can be corroded. When the copper film exposed on the circuit board is completely corroded away, the circuit board is removed from the corrosion solution and cleaned, so that a circuit board is corroded. Corrosion liquid ingredients for strong hydrochloric acid and hydrogen peroxide, and water, ratio of syntactic sugar for 1:2:3, when mixed corrosion liquid, water first, again add concentrated hydrochloric acid, hydrogen peroxide, if the operation is concentrated hydrochloric acid, hydrogen peroxide or corrosion solution accidentally splashed on the skin or the clothes to wash immediately with water, because you want to use the corrosive solution, operation must pay attention to safety!

How to make integrated circuit board

6. Drilling circuit board. The circuit board is to insert electronic components, so you have to drill the circuit board. Choose different drill needles according to the thickness of the electronic components pin. When drilling with a drill, the circuit board must be stable. The speed of the drill can not be opened too slowly. Please watch the operator carefully.

7. Circuit board pretreatment. After drilling, polish the toner on the circuit board with fine sandpaper and clean the circuit board with clean water. Water after dry, coated on one side of the circuitry with rosin water, only a thin layer, not only to prevent the line by oxidation, at the same time also is very good flux, rosin, generally speaking, rosin circuit board surface water will be solidified within 24 hours, to accelerate the coagulation rosin, we use hot fan heating circuit board, only 2-3 minutes rosin can be set. The temperature of the hot fan is as high as 300 degrees. When using the air outlet, it can not be directed towards combustible objects, people and small animals. Safety is the first requirement!

8, welding electronic components. After welding the electronic components on the board, electricity, function realization, production is completed.

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