What are the tubes of electronic components?

Today, let Xiaobian take you to know the electronic tube in the electronic components, and take a look together.
Electron tube is a kind of electronic device that produces electric current conduction in a gas-tight closed container and uses the effect of electric field on the electron flow in vacuum to obtain signal amplification or oscillation.
Early application in television, radio amplifiers and other electronic products, in recent years gradually replaced by transistors and integrated circuits, but at present in some high fidelity audio equipment, still use electronic tube as audio power amplifier devices.
Due to the large size of the vacuum tube, large power consumption, severe heating, short life, low efficiency of power supply, fragile structure and the need for high voltage power supply shortcomings, now most of its use has been basically replaced by solid device transistors.
But the electron tube load capacity is strong, linear performance is better than the transistor, in the field of high frequency and high power work characteristics are better than the transistor, so still in some places (such as high power radio transmission equipment) continue to play an irreplaceable role.

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