Different bending stamping parts, different bending process

Bending stamping is the metal sheet bending into a certain shape, size and bending rate of stamping molding products, widely used in a variety of utensils, instruments, components, high pressure containers. Different bending stamping parts, different bending process, reasonable bending process can reduce bending times, simplify die structure, improve the quality of stamping parts and productivity.

1, for the shape of simple bending stamping parts, such as V shape, U shape, L shape, Z shape, etc., can use a bending forming. For the bending parts with complex shapes, it is generally necessary to adopt multiple bending forming.

2, on the multi-angle bending stamping parts, due to deformation will affect the shape accuracy of the bending parts, therefore, generally should be the first to bend the outer Angle, after bending the inner Angle. The previous bending should leave a reliable position for the subsequent bending, and ensure that the latter bending does not destroy the shape of the previous bending.

7d419c4cb24bb0f622b2b75792571e8d3, the structure of asymmetric bending parts, bending when the blank is easy to offset, should be used as far as possible after the paired bending and then cut the process method.

Although the Sheet Metal Bending plate is only in the local area of the material, the elastic reaction will affect the precision of the bending part. There are many influencing factors and it is difficult to control. The precision of bending parts caused by springback is always the key of bending forming production.

The bending times and process arrangement of the bending parts should be considered comprehensively according to the complexity of the shape of the stamping parts, the level of precision requirements, the performance of the material and the size of the production batch.

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