Japanese chip leader in Charge, Shenzhen state - invested 5 billion to build a chip company

Shenzhen state-owned capital spent 5 billion to build a semiconductor company, invited Japanese chip magnate Sakamoto yukio as chief strategy officer, ambitious sword refers to DRAM chip industry.
Chip has been our pain point, Shenzhen state capital this end, just along for the ride, or can walk out of a chip industry to break the road?
The company, 100 percent owned by Shenzhen state capital, is a DRAM memory chip company called Shengweixu. To know, Shenzhen used to invest in the science and technology industry through its VC/PE, this time not only the official end, throw for 5 billion, to sheng Weixu technology research and development reserves sufficient funds. Also invited Japanese chip leader Sakamoto Yukio to sit, it can be seen that Shenzhen has much attention to the DRAM industry.
DRAM, known in Chinese as dynamic random access memory, has been dominated by U.S. and South Korean manufacturers, and the DRAM industry is a weak sector in China.
Japanese chip leader in Charge, Shenzhen state - invested 5 billion to build a chip company
Because the development of DRAM is particularly difficult, every step of the domestic innovation. Does Schweisu have the ability to take this innovative step?
Take a look at the scientific research team of Shengweixu. The core R&D team is located in China and Japan, attracting a large number of senior talents in the whole semiconductor chain, such as chip design, process, product engineering and factory operation.
Yukio Sakamoto, the leader of Japan's crucial DRAM project, joined in. Sakamoto's status in the Japanese chip industry is needless to say. After his defeat to Elpida, Sakamoto began to work for Chinese companies, largely to avenge Korean companies, but it is undeniable that he has played a positive role in the development of Chinese chip companies.
However, Sakamoto did not complete his "revenge tour" at Unigroup group, due to bankruptcy restructuring and other reasons, Sakamoto left unigroup group late last year.
And this return to join the rise of Asahi, can be said to be Sakamoto's career "the last battle". Sakamoto is also enthusiastic about DRAM and wants to continue to contribute to the DRAM business in his last days.
Sakamoto's joining will undoubtedly enhance the company's strength in DRAM technology research and development, fab construction and other aspects.
In addition to the rise of the strength of the xu itself, and his backside shenzhen. Sheng Weixu is in Shenzhen to vigorously develop semiconductor industry when the establishment. According to the development plan of shenzhen's semiconductor and integrated circuit industry cluster, shenzhen is expected to reach 250 billion yuan in industrial revenue by 2025, equivalent to doubling the current level.
This means that in the next few years, the semiconductor and integrated circuit industry will be the key support object of Shenzhen, Shengweixu will also get more help from the official.
So look down, sheng Wei Xu also seems to have in the chip circuit chase capital. However, we should also see that when Unigroup hired Sakamoto, it was also ambitious. What happened?
So some people feel that Shenzhen is just "joining in" this time.
There are also a lot of people are optimistic, because China's chip road is very difficult, at this time new blood to join, in any case, it is a good thing.

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