Why do some women cry when they make love

Because every woman’s voice line is different, some cry, but you can hear your girlfriend want you to finish as soon as possible, so the pain is very uncomfortable, will cry. Some women scream so well, it may be fake or it may be real enjoyment. At this point, you should be strong, little brother. The bed is an important tool for vigorous movement between men and women, one of the “witnesses” of the birth of life.

We all know that there are different types of beds, but do you know how many types of women call bed in bed? Are you curious to know? Don’t blush when your green hat friend says it! So, here are real size sex dolls detailing why some women scream and cry.

1. Feel it

Spring night is worth a thousand gold, called the bed is worth ten thousand gold. In general, when women reach orgasm, their voices get out of control and they can’t help screaming. In this case, women call bed is feeling because of cool, because of happiness, because of comfort. The deeper the love, the cooler the cry, you can never stop a woman from experiencing an orgasm call to bed, no doubt, it is also a man to show their fighting power “triumph”!

2. Do it for the feeling

Flirting is just a matter of mood. Sometimes women call sex as a way of flirting, creating an atmosphere conducive to orgasm. This type of call is to “feel it” and call it out. Studies have shown that a woman’s sex calls can cause both partners to orgasm faster. No matter what the woman says, “Don’t” or “don’t stop,” the man keeps on “pistoning.” That’s right, don’t “rush” it! There’s a tiny sexdoll.

3. Send without feeling

No feeling, but also emitting a sad beautiful asthma, this called bed is the most common island with us a stone’s throw away filming “love action”. It’s hard for those little sisters to dream. You can lay down and let a bunch of men ravage you mercilessly.

I have to say, they explained it very well.” Time is money, efficiency is life, customer is God! This type of sex call is designed to end the fight as quickly as possible by satisfying the man with his voice. In addition, some women who are tired and have to cater to their husbands also resort to this kind of “trick”.

As the saying goes, a voice is a woman’s second face. Women with good voices are no less attractive to men than beautiful women.

Not only that, there is also a saying on the Internet, nine out of ten women with a good voice are beautiful, this view has caused a lot of Internet users recognition.

But is it really the case? Are women with good voices generally good-looking? From a genetic point of view, this claim is not reasonable.

Because appearance and sound are controlled by different genomes, which are independent of each other, it is irrelevant whether a person sounds good or not.

So why is it that women with good voices are generally considered attractive? Psychology suggests that the reason for this feeling is that synesthesia is deceiving you.

What is synesthesia?

Synesthesia involves stimulating a channel (sense) and causing both a channel (sense) response and another channel (sense) response.

For example, when you see food, you feel fragrant and drooling. This is a form of synesthesia.

When you see food, just visual stimulation, your sense of smell does not smell fragrance, no stimulation, should not feel fragrant; Your taste is not irritating and you should not swallow saliva.

This reaction of sight to smell and taste is called synesthesia.

According to physiologists, human senses can actually influence each other, they can interact with each other, and this phenomenon of sensory interaction has been named synesthesia in psychology.

The interplay of sight and hearing

Psychologists did an experiment in which they played some low-pitched music in a darkened room, intermittently turning the lights on and off. The volume of the music didn’t change, but people thought the music was louder, and when it was off, the music was quieter.

Thus it can be seen that vision will affect hearing, and the brightness of light will affect people’s hearing, making music with the same volume different in people’s auditory perception.

Hearing plays a very important role in the human sensory system and has the greatest impact on people. Physiologists have found that of visual, olfactory and auditory memories, auditory memories last the longest and are the most impressive.

Sight affects hearing, which in turn affects sight.

I don’t know if you’ve ever felt this way. Listening to music on headphones on a cloudy day. Do you get the feeling that the whole sky seems so much brighter when the music switches from the last low sad song to the next happy sweet one?

This is what happens when hearing affects vision. The sky is the same, it doesn’t change much, but when you hear different music, your mood and emotions are affected, which in turn affects your vision and makes the sky seem brighter to you.

Synesthesia is deceiving you

Synesthesia is a normal physiological phenomenon, but the more advanced the organism, the more powerful it becomes. Synesthesia can make full use of the sensory system to make people’s external perception more comprehensive and real.

But synesthesia can deceive you, and women with good voices tend to be good-looking because of the subjective perception of synesthetic deception.

When a man hears a woman’s sweet voice, he feels very happy and then produces a feeling of happiness. This pleasure also acts on the human visual system, making a man perceive the woman in front of him as more beautiful.

American psychologists did an experiment. They found a woman with a good voice and an average appearance and asked 50 men to rate the woman’s appearance without any communication. Only 3 out of 50 men think the woman is beautiful.

At the same time, they asked 50 other men to rate the woman’s appearance after talking to her, and 21 of the 50 rated the woman as beautiful.

The 100 men in the experiment were randomly selected and randomly divided into two groups, so they shouldn’t have such a big difference in beauty standards, but the results from the two groups did.

The only possible explanation for this is that women’s voices affect men’s vision, that men’s standards of beauty don’t change, and that synesthesia makes them make bad judgments.

Objectively speaking, it is not true that women with good voices are generally good-looking. Women don’t look good because they have a good voice.

But from a subjective point of view, women with good voices do make men feel better, as a result of the synesthetic effect.

So if you look at it from a subjective point of view, there’s nothing wrong with women with good voices being generally good-looking.

However, there is no absolute standard of beauty and ugliness, everything is decided by people’s subjective feelings, as long as you feel beautiful, that is beautiful.

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