Commonly used power management chips can be summarized into eight kinds

The main part of power management semiconductor is power management IC, so what is power management chip? Commonly used power management chips can be roughly summarized as the following 8, let us have a look ~
1, AC/DC modulation IC. It contains low voltage control circuit and high voltage switching transistor.
2, DC/DC modulation IC. Includes boost/step-down regulators, and charge pumps.
3, power factor control PFC pretuned IC. Provide power input circuit with power factor correction function.
4, pulse modulation or pulse amplitude modulation PWM/ PFM control IC. A pulse frequency modulation and/or pulse width modulation controller for driving external switches.
Commonly used power management chips can be summarized into eight kinds
5, linear modulation IC (such as linear low voltage regulator LDO, etc.). Includes forward and negative regulators, and low voltage drop LDO modulation tubes.
6, battery charging and management IC. These include battery charging, protection and power display ics, as well as "smart" battery ics for battery data communication.
7. Hot swap board control IC (exempt from the influence of inserting or removing another interface from the working system).
8, MOSFET or IGBT switching function IC.
The above is 8 kinds of common power management IC chip classification, because of the power management chip application range is very wide, the development of power management chip to improve the performance of the machine is of great significance, we provide common power management IC chip for customers to provide high efficiency, low power consumption, quality and stability of integrated circuit products.

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