The life of Mr. Chen and the silicone doll

According to a media report, Mr. Chen from Dongguan is more than 50 years old this year, because he is disabled, so he has not found the right person. After 20 or 30 years of single life, he felt somewhat bitter living alone. Therefore, under the recommendation of relevant friends, he chose the silicone doll as his partner.

Some people in society feel extremely confused about Mr. Chen’s behavior, because according to the reports of relevant journalists, Mr. Chen not only holds the sec doll when he sleeps, but also takes the SEC doll with him whenever he eats or does other activities, as if he were his real partner.

​Therefore, some people think that such a man may exist in the spirit of certain obstacles. In fact, according to the reporter’s additional understanding, Mr. Chen has such some behavior, because he totally will partner standards and usual things to do on the sex doll 125 cm body. Not to mention this is based on this product to do extremely realistic caused by.

Such a product, from the perspective of appearance alone, and the real person is not much different, the height is similar, and the appearance is extremely attractive, there are different types that can be customized according to their own needs.

In fact, if you can think about it, a man who has been living alone all the time will feel that life is not so difficult and he is no longer lonely after having such a silicone doll to accompany him. After all, this high-end silicone doll is relatively intelligent, which not only has the temperature of the human body, but also can make a sound. Make yourself feel particularly relaxed, Naturally there are a lot of people who will choose such a product.

​Numerous people think that the doll’s skin color is glossy and delicate, feels closer to the real skin, solid inside the skeleton, can be different posture, commission has a extremely elevated simulation skin. In a word, excellent service is excellent, buying comfort is worth buying. The use effect that is the highlight, the vagina sent self-lubricating function, add some water, I touch with my hand, inside the particle sense is extremely strong, simulation people, the touch people understand, extremely real. You can play all kinds of positions, just like the real thing. It’s the best one I’ve ever used, geez!

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