The construction elevator installed in the elevator shaft has adjustable dimensions

Due to the construction industry for safety protection consciousness continuously strengthen, in order to improve the efficiency of the project, to speed up the progress, in the selection of construction material handling equipment, from the traditional advice material up to now single-column vertical transportation equipment, from the original wire rope to the gear rack driving, continuously strengthening technology.

​The outdoor vertical construction elevator is now the outdoor cargo lift on the site is a highly common material transport equipment, and the construction elevator installed into the elevator shaft has gradually begun to be favored by developers. From the outside, is a completely invisible construction elevator, improving the aesthetic degree. At the same time, the size of the hanging cage of the indoor construction elevator can be adjusted, which is equal to the size of the well of the different elevator mouths in all your buildings. All your needs can be met with only one. Not affected by climate and weather, 24 hours to start, from the construction schedule and labor costs are better than the SC200 outdoor construction elevator.

d0eff0948dbe949d5fd38a2f1847793aThe following is to introduce the main accessories of the shaft elevator products:
First, the traction machine is the driving construction hoist cage and the heavy device for vertical movement of the power device,
For frequency control, stable operation. The position space of the tractor is not less than 2m × 2.2m in width × 2.2m in-depth. The bearing force of the bottom plate is ≥150kg/ m2. The main engine is fixed by M12×80 expansion bolts. Access to the engine room should be kept locked.

Two, the bearing beam bears the load of the whole lift, the central position of the guide wheel can be changed according to the change of the depth of the hanging cage, so as to adapt to any size of the well. The maximum pressure on the bearing surface of the shaft wall should not be less than 10MPa.
3. The cage is a closed cage body used to transport personnel and materials. The cage is composed of two parts: cage frame and coaming plate. The hanging cage frame is composed of upper beam, column and lower beam. The shape ruler of the hanging cage frame and coaming plate can be adjusted to be suitable for different Wells.

Four, the heavy wire rope traction type construction lift drive preload and balance load device, is also an indispensable device for normal operation. The heavy device is located in the well, through the wire rope traction wheel and hanging cage connection. During the operation of the construction elevator, the heavy device slides on the heavy guide rail through the heavy guide boots to balance the weight of the hanging cage.

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