L6228Q_ Bipolar stepper motor L6208 DMOS drive

The L6228Q is a fully integrated DMOS stepper motor driver with non-dissipative overcurrent protection, implemented using BCDmultipower technology, which combines isolated DMOS power transistors with CMOS and bipolar circuits on the same chip. The device includes all the circuits required to drive a two-phase bipolar stepper motor, including: dual DMOS full bridge, a constant turn-off time PWM current controller that performs chopper adjustment, and a phase sequence generator that generates stepper sequences. The L6228Q comes in a VFQFPN32 5 mm x 5 mm package with non-dissipative overcurrent protection and thermal shutdown on a high-voltage side power MOSFET.
L6228Q_ Bipolar stepper motor L6208 DMOS drive
All functions
Operating power supply voltage from 8 volts to 52 volts
2.8A Peak output current (1.4A RMS)
RDS (ON) 0.73 ω typical value. The value of TJ = 25 ° C
Operating frequency up to 100 kHz
No loss over current protection
Dual independent constant tOFF PWM current controller
Fast/slow decay mode selection
Fast decay quasi-synchronous rectification
Step motor full step and half step drive decoding logic
Cross conduction protection
Shut off the heat
Under-voltage lockout
Integrated fast continuation diode

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