Solid state relay

Solid-state relay is a new type of contactless electronic switch developed by combining modern micro-electronic technology with power electronic technology. In logic control circuit, with electromagnetic relay function similar, under the control of trigger signal, to achieve the purpose of weak control strong and weak strong isolation.
Solid state relay has the advantages of safe and reliable work, long life, no contact, no spark, no pollution, high insulation, high voltage resistance, low trigger current, fast switching speed, and digital circuit perfect match.
Solid state relay
Solid state relay according to the applicable power output load types can be divided into dc solid state relay and ac solid state relays, switch types are divided into single, dual, three-phase, according to the way of working is divided into zero point and random control, according to the output device is divided into regular and increase type, according to the control type can be divided into dc and ac voltage control, according to the divided into common and special usage.
In the security system, many alarm hosts and alarm detectors output switching quantity through small solid state relays. The main parameters of solid state relay include control voltage range, input current, open voltage, off voltage, reverse voltage, load current range, load voltage range and blocking voltage, etc.

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